Our service call team has a combined experience of 40 years working in the field. Together we can get on the job and figure out your problems very quickly. We also have the ability to bring your new projects to fruition.



 We have experience working in cooler systems such as supermarket coolers. We’ve also wired up walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers. We’ve done warehouse dedicated circuits to single-phase and three-phase equipment. We also do lighting upgrades, taking down your old high bay or low bay and putting in new LED high bays and low bays. We can also change out your old fluorescent office fixtures to the new modern energy-efficient LEDs. We’ve run conduit from half-inch EMT all the way up to 4 inch EMT; we’ve also run underground pipes for services up to 6 inch PVC for parallel services. We’ve done restaurants from the ground up, and we’ve also done remodels where we go in and demo what’s there and give clients the new space they want according to their blueprints. 



Speaking of blueprints, we have an estimator in the office, and we can provide you a quote for your projects. Send us your invitation to bid, and we will bid on your projects. 



We do work for the City of Jacksonville, and we also do work for the federal government; we are a JSEB, DBE, minority status corporation. Many general contractors are seeking this sort of subcontractor to meet government or city qualifications on their contracts. We help you out with this; we also bring quality work and knowledge of the trade to the table. We will also be bringing the job in on time and within budget.


We keep our vans stocked with the most essential items for service calls. It is impossible to carry every piece of material or piece of equipment that a client may need. Still, we do our best to stock the most essentials.  Before every job, we get with the client to find out what they want and make a material list so that we show up on the job ready to do everything. Obviously, suppose it’s an emergency service call. In that case, we have to get out there to see what’s going on and determine what kind of material we will need to fix any situation.



Another thing we’re experiencing is working on parking lot lights and or installing new parking lot lights where they need them. 



We also work on Well pumps, Fountain pumps, and Pool pumps, especially in apartment complexes where all these things need to be running all day, every day, 24/7. We also work on Multifamily dwelling units, such as the dorms we remodeled for the Edward Waters Community College. 



We went as far as Tampa to remodel seven different apartment complexes to be re-sold at a better rate.



Some of our most common commercial work is for our tenant buildout. This is where a client wants to take over a space, usually in a strip mall, or a standalone building, or a city high-rise. Still, they are moving into this new space. It’s going to be renovated according to what their needs are. These things have to be built to suit the new client, whether it be a new copier in a particular location, a new break room, or the new data room where all the communication lines come into. This is where we come in and make that happen for them. It’s very enjoyable for us to accomplish this and make the client happy. Of course, we get paid for it, but it gives us a sense of accomplishment and much satisfaction.


Many of our clients enjoy our team, appreciate our hard work, and they love what we do for them at their office. Hence we find them often asking us to come to their personal residence and do residential work for them. For example, we wire up their boat docks, upgrading their boat lifts, and adding a new outside kitchen or boathouse. We also do many things associated with remodeling houses, such as adding on rooms and many other residential services, so we have to be experienced and knowledgeable in the commercial and residential fields. For example, one business owner wanted us to install custom parking lot lights along his long dark driveway. So we laid out a plan found out where the client wished his lights to be, how he wanted the lights to be controlled, and negotiated on the price; once that was agreed upon, we went to work. We had to go underneath sidewalks, around fountains, through the garage. We worked with lots of underground conduits, all on a 120 V system, and controlled the way he wanted it controlled. Hence, it turned out very nice, the client was thrilled, and we had much satisfaction. 



I also want to let you know that we do low-voltage wiring, networking, security cameras, fire alarm, and access control.

Often, we find that the low-voltage wiring may be controlling the high voltage lighting or even receptacles. Low and high voltage are working together more and more as the industry grows and utilizes low-voltage wiring more. For example, now we’re getting power over the Internet. We can bring 120 V through multi-wire cables and have 120 V there at the cameras and the low-voltage wires to send back the signals.



This brings us to generators. We can put a backup generator in your office or your building or hospital or just in your residential house for emergencies. It’s always good to have an emergency backup generator for the hurricane season. We can come out to your home or business and calculate according to your service size what size generator you need and give you a quote for the install as well. 


So, in conclusion, the electrical, commercial, and industrial fields are very wide and very broad. Still, we have enough experience and knowledge to cover that whole field. So call Cortes Electric Inc. “We Bring Power to the People.”