Giving Back

Cortes Electric and Our Giveback


We at Cortes Electric have big hearts.  God has called us to be a conduit for the His Kingdom; we maximize our impact by funneling 2% of our profit to trusted organizations making a difference worldwide. Our hearts cry for the poor and needy of the world.


What is King’s Ransom Foundation? 


Do you hear it? Listen.  Not with your ears, but with your heart.  It’s a cry…echoing around the world.  It’s the cry of Antonia, living in tormenting fear with her children in a Nicaraguan garbage dump with only a cardboard shack to keep out the rain and wild animals. We heard her cry and built her a permanent, concrete block home with a garden and a chicken coop, so they don’t have to eat garbage anymore.  Now she can learn a new skill to earn a living and break the cycle of poverty forever.  

King’s Ransom Foundations’ mission is to answer the cry of the poor.


What does this mean?

-It means feeding tens of thousands of orphans and widows from India to Belize to Haiti to Kenya.

-It means building a new future for families living in hopeless poverty.

-It means rescuing children from being violated by grown men and women in the wickedness of the sex trade.

-It means bringing clean, safe water to millions of people.


When we give to King’s Ransom Foundation, 100% of our donation goes straight to the poor.  A private corporate sponsor funds their expenses, so our donation never goes to salaries, buildings, or jets.  Their board is all volunteers.  

What is The Orphan’s Hands? 


It all began in 1990 when Philip walked into a foul-smelling room in a bitterly cold orphanage in Romania.  He saw a little boy covered in his own waste, starving and alone.  Philip picked him up and made a promise that has echoed down through time for the last quarter-century:  “I will come back. You are not a mistake.  If you were born, God has a plan.” That orphan boy was adopted by Philip and Chrissie Cameron.  His name is Andrew.

Since that wintery day, a continuing miracle of love and redemption has been taking place.  God helped the Camerons lift countless amazing young men and women out of darkness.  The success of Philip’s mission outreach is that he and his wife Chrissie transform orphans into sons and daughters and then sons and daughters into missionaries.  Through The Orphan’s Hands, their hands are saving lives, reaching the lost, and changing the nations of Moldova and Ukraine.



Who are Jeremy & Patty Israel? 


Jeremy Israel has been a full-time missionary since August 8, 1998.  In that time, he has worked in 11 different countries over three continents.  Jeremy has helped start seven different new ministries from the ground up to self-sufficient.  He is proficient in clean water projects, including water well drilling, bio-sand filtration, and natural water source captivation.  Jeremy is directing our AuguaGuate ministry that provides clean water projects to underserved communities in Guatemala.  His approach to ministry is to find capable Christian believers in targeted regions and train and equip them to implement projects.  He works together with the people, not for them, training and equipping them to help each other.   

Jeremy is married to his beautiful wife, Patty, who works in the public sector of the Guatemala social security system’s executive board.  While the monetary rewards are not great, Patty finds satisfaction knowing she is helping the nation of Guatemala from the inside out. 

What is Operation Underground Railroad? 


Founded in December 2013, Operation Underground Railroad has gathered the world experts in extraction operations and anti-child trafficking efforts to bring an end to child slavery.  O.U.R.’S Ops Team consists of former CIA, past and current law enforcement, and highly skilled operatives that lead coordinated identification and extraction efforts.  These operations are always in conjunction with law enforcement throughout the world.  

Once victims are rescued, a comprehensive process involving justice for the perpetrators and recovery and rehabilitation for the survivors begins.

It is time for private citizens and organizations to rise up and help.  It is our duty as a free and blessed people. Cortes Electric is answering this call.  We are rising up and donating 100% of our $49 first service fee to this organization. 

What do all these organizations have in common?

Pure religion and undefiled before God and man is this, To visit the fatherless and the widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the World James 1:27



What is Jireh Affordable Housing? 


Our Vice President, Penny Cortes, has a burning desire to utilize her business experience and invest from the profits of Cortes Electric to work alongside her daughters Abigail and Christina to develop age-integrated caring communities established on organic farms.  The communities will include assisted living homes and children’s homes with mentoring programs that give the elders a reason to live and the children much-needed guidance. 



Good paying Jobs for our Community

Cortes Electric desires to help people fulfill the call God has placed on their lives. We want to create good-paying jobs to support people in our community.