It can get downright hot in the summer in Northeast Florida. However, installing a quality ceiling fan over your bed or in your living room can cool you down and enhance the beauty of your home.  It is even possible to save electricity by setting your air conditioner on a higher setting without compromising comfort. Contact Cortes Electric for a high top-of-the-line ceiling fan installation.  We will be happy to serve you. 




There are times when even the top-of-the-line ceiling fans break down and need servicing. Cortes Electric’s service team can troubleshoot, find the problem, and have you up and running in no time. Typical issues with ceiling fans include:


-Manufacturer Defect or faulty design

-Problems with the control switch

-Broken or degraded wiring

-Damaged breaker

-Motor failure


Stop putting up with that broken ceiling fan today! Instead, call Cortes Electric at 904-361-8389.  We will send one of our caring Electricians to the rescue.


The modern home has an unbelievable number of appliances. On top of the amount, there are various voltage requirements, wiring arrangements, and materials needed for different equipment. In addition, many machines require dedicated circuits to operate safely and efficiently. As a result, your home’s internal wiring system is very complex; take a peek at your electrical panel, and you will see the need for a qualified electrician to do the job. Below is a list of appliances that require a dedicated circuit:  


-Heating and Cooling systems

-Window air conditioners



-Stoves and ovens

-Range hoods

-Washers and Dryers

-Gas and electric water heaters

-Exterior lighting

-Outdoor outlets

-Pools and spas


If you need an appliance installed, Cortes Electric is the one to call 904-361-8389!





If you live in an older home, your electrical panel may not be sufficiently reliable to guard your residence against power surges and fires.  It is essential to know your electrical panel modifies the amount of electricity coming into the home, ensuring the house is not flooded with more power than the system can support. It also regulates the amount of electricity routed to each part of the home, which prevents the appliances from getting overloaded with excess power. Unfortunately, an older electrical panel may not work as well as a newer one. An electrical panel that is not in proper working order puts your home and loved ones in danger!!  Don’t take the chance.  Call Cortes Electric today.  We can inspect your panel and give you an honest assessment.  If you need a new electrical panel, we will replace it for a fair price. 

Are the breakers in your electrical panel tripping due to many appliances operating at once? While this can be annoying, there is an urgent reason this happens if the breaker didn’t trip, alerting you to a problem; an electrical fire could ignite behind your walls. The job of the panel is to keep the home electrical system from overloading and igniting a fire. Unfortunately, older electrical panels may fail to trip when circuits get overloaded, presenting a fire hazard. To ensure that your home is kept safe, call Cortes Electric to install a new electric panel, which will protect your home against potential fire hazards that might occur due to power not being adequately regulated.


Are you looking to add some ambiance to your yard? Landscape lighting could be just the thing to create that unique atmosphere you desire. First, you must decide what kind of lighting display you prefer before selecting your fixtures. Next, think about what you are trying to achieve.  Are you framing a pathway, garden, or sitting area?  Go with path lights; these lights on small posts cast a soft orb of light, brightening up the space. Do you need lighting for outdoor activities? While floodlights and wash lights cast a wide beam of light over a large area, floodlights tend to be brighter than wash lights. How about accentuating a tree or architectural detail using spotlights or bullet lights projecting a narrow beam of light highlighting a precise area. Wall spotlights and well-light fixtures are recessed into the ground that cast uplight to add drama. Moonlights or tree lights attach to high tree branches to cast light down onto the tree.

As you can see, there are many choices when it comes to lighting your outdoor spaces.  Cortes Electric is here to help bring your outdoor space to light.  Contact us today at 904-361-8389 to schedule your consultation.  We will be happy to help!



We all depend on the electrical service in our homes and businesses, but most do not give it much thought until there is a problem. Electrical systems should last about 20 years or longer; however, with all the new appliances we have added over the years to our homes, the draw on your system may require an upgrade. Electrical service is rated by amperage, how much electricity can flow into your home at one time. In modern homes, you usually find 200 amp service. However, it could be 150 amps if your appliances are pulling more than the allotted amps breakers will trip. From your breaker box, your home is broken up with various circuits, each with its own limits on how much electricity can flow at a given time. The normal service to a residential building is dependent on when the building was built or last upgraded. 

Signs you may need to upgrade your service:

  • A burning smell anywhere in your house (Do not ignore this! FIRE HAZARD!!!)
  • Discolored outlets 
  • Burning smell coming from your breaker box 
  •  Flickering lights when one of your appliances turns on you may notice these when your refrigerator, air conditioner or washer turns on.
  • The overuse of extension cords is another sign that you may need to look at an upgrade. You may only need additional circuits, but you may need a larger service coming into the home to handle the load of new circuits. Adding new circuits is part of upgrading your electrical service; this allows you to add more electrical outlets without overloading the circuits.
  •  Your breakers keep tripping. Does your breaker trip every time you go to blow dry your hair? The circuit is overloaded, and you may need an upgrade (WARNING!!!! NEVER USE TAPE OR ANY OTHER METHOD TO HOLD THE BREAKER OPEN! The breaker’s job is to prevent too much current from flowing through the circuit, causing shock or fire.)
  • If your system is over 30 years old and/or less than 200amp, it is time for a service upgrade. 




  • Boat Docks
  • Interior Lights
  • Landscape and Outdoor Lighting
  • LED Conversion



  • Safety Inspections
  • Real Estate
  • Surge Protection
  • Smoke Detector Inspections



  • Electrical Surges
  • Lights Too Dim 
  • Broken Switches
  • Circuit Breakers Tripping
  • High Electric Bill
  • No Hot Water
  • Light Bulbs Burning Out too Fast
  • Power Loss
  • Flickering Lights